The Novartis Q portfolio is growing nicely...time to plan some generics!

The Novartis Q portfolio is growing nicely...time to plan some generics!

January 28, 2016

Novartis published its 2015 results yesterday. The performance of its inhaled portfolio was noted, and it is growing steadily. Below is a summary.

The 3 Q products are growing steadily and reached USD 576 millions, up +40% from 2014:

  • Ultibro – USD 260 millions
  • Onbrez – USD 166 millions
  • Seebri – USD 150 millions

These 3 DPI products are for the treatment of COPD. Onbrez is faltering, Seebri is stagnating, Utibro is flourishing. The growth over the last 3 years confirms that the strategy of Novartis was to use Onbrez and Seebri (mono products) to open the way to Ultibro (combination producs), the highest priced of the 3 products; how long will it be before Onbrez is pulled from the market? Will Seebri stagnate or wither in 2016?

Novartis Q portfolio sales figures
USD ‘000’000 Onbrez Seebri Ultibro
2013 192 58 6
2014 220 146 118
2015 166 150 260

2 more inhaled products are in development, this time for the treatment of asthma, both are planned to be filed in 2018:

  • QMF149 (an ICS+LABA combination)
  • QVM149 (a triple combination)

Time to plan more generics!

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