New technologies will not improve inhalation therapies, education will

New technologies will not improve inhalation therapies, education will

August 28, 2016

Do you wonder where new inhaler technologies are taking us to? Do we really need more devices?

“About half of patients with asthma and COPD do not adhere to their prescribed treatment, leading to a poor control of asthma symptoms.”

“The major finding from a number of clinical studies is that 80 patients are often neither compliant nor adhere to their treatment, and this lack of compliance and adherence has a direct effect on clinical efficacy. A wrong inhaler technique is the most prevalent cause of poor asthma and COPD control.” A recent clinical study argued that there are too many different types of inhaler devices available to patients. We need less inhalers, not more.

Daniela Traini and I just published an editorial on what innovation is needed in DPI technology in Expert Reviews.

In short, what the patients need is improved compliance with therapies: education not technology.
We argue that “there is a dichotomy in the way inhaler devices are designed, while technologists are concerned with consistent and safe dosing, drug deposition, and inhaler reliability based on intrinsic device airflow resistance and patients’ inspiratory flow, clinicians are focused on patient adherence and device handling training, while keeping in mind cost-effectiveness as an important factor in current health-care systems.” […] “The choices of inhaler therapies have been driven by technologist; the voice of patients and clinicians is now being getting louder and that will lead to a change in inhaler technology.”
“In this context, the solution to improving treatment is not about making devices with more or better features (breath actuation, electronic dose counting, cap/actuation mechanisms, improved FPF), but educating patients to use their therapies and how to use the devices correctly. […] The education of patients and medical professionals should drive innovation.”

The key word for future developments is: EDUCATION not technology.

"Successful asthma management is 10% medication and 90% education"

Whatever happens, inhaler technology evolution is the one to watch, it will be a fun ride ahead, for which I have the perfect soundtrack: the exhilarating “Ride of the Cossacks by Franz Waxman from the 1962 movie" Taras Bulba. 

To download the full article, follow the link:
The future of inhalers: how can we improve drug delivery in asthma and COPD?
Philippe Rogueda and Daniela Traini
Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine 2016

Love you all. Will be back soon.


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