Listen, Learn, Launch

Listen, Learn, Launch

April 15, 2019

InspireMe! The future of inhaled products.

We like to make things simple and we like to help you, so we asked a few friends to join us to share their tips on how to make inhalers

 Learn from experience, those who have done it already. We will show you how to make inhalation products: dry powder and soft mist inhalers. Combination products, new molecules or generics, from concept, testing, filing to commercial launch, we will tell you what are the current best tools. And it’s free.

InspireMe; Dry Powder Inhalers DPI
Tuesday 4 June 2019
San Francisco

InspireMe; Soft Mist Inhalers SMI
Wednesday 5 June 2019
San Francisco

We join forces with Merxin, Nanopharm, MedHF, Proveris, Harro Hoefliger, Meggle, Lonza, MedHF to weave the development story of making DPI and SMI products, so you can take it home and make your own.

Attendance at InspireMe events is:

-by invitation
-and places are limited

To get invited contact us at Merxin, reply to this email, or reach out for your nearest contact at Nanopharm, MedHF, Proveris, Harro Hoefliger, Meggle, Lonza. They can issue you with free tickets too.

You could pay to attend a training course or join InspireMe for free.
Otherwise, be smart.

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About Aedestra ( Aedestra is an inhaled product development company. We develop inhaled dosage forms: DPI, pMDI, Nasal, Nebule and SoftMist: Generics in particular. Aedestra can help you develop the right product in the right way by providing strategic and technical expertise. Get in touch now to expand and develop your inhaled portfolio: