IA17 Is Moving To Macau! Bring your chips.

IA17 Is Moving To Macau! Bring your chips.

May 10, 2017

For a little while IA have been in discussions with the University of Macau about Inhalation Asia 2017, about topics, speakers and generally reviewing what was happening in their respective groups in the field of inhaled drug delivery.

One thing led to an other, and the great news is that last week the University Board approved the hosting of IA17 on the new campus of the University of Macau.

IA17 is therefore moving to Macau!

Does it change anything to your travel plans? NO
Hong Kong is still the international and major airport to reach Macau. There are no changes to your travel plan, bar the added luxury of a 45 minutes ferry ride from Hong Kong to Macau.

Do you need a Visa?
generally speaking the same visa requirements apply to Hong Kong and Macau. For most of you this means no visa. If you think you may need a visa (coming from India or China Mainland) please check with your local Chines consulate.

Very much looking forward to seeing you in Macau

Inhalation Asia 2017
13-15 September 2017