E-cigarettes: Learnings for inhalation scientists

E-cigarettes: Learnings for inhalation scientists

December 08, 2016

An other paper on e-cigarettes from Philip Kwok (Hong Kong U.) and Philippe Rogueda (Aedestra/Merxin):

E-cigarettes: Learnings for inhalation scientists.
How studying e-cigarette technology may lead to new inhalation therapies.

This article is a broad introduction and opinion piece on electronic cigarettes and how the technology compares with OINDPs. What has interested us in this review is the aerosolisation mechanism, very unlike traditional inhalers, and the vast array of excipients used in e-cigarettes. They are some learnings for OINDP specialists. The amount of glycerol used in e-liquids is rather startling, and their widespread use makes for a worldwide real-life clinical study of new excipients at large concentration: this is like an open access safety study of excipients! Let's hope they are safe, and let's monitor them. Just imagine what could be achieved with OINDP with we could use these excipients safely.

This paper is published on the 10th Anniversary of the Inhalation Magazine and coincides with the 27th DDL conference.

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