The Aedestra CPhI Award 2016: Peerlen Single Dose Disposable DPI

The Aedestra CPhI Award 2016: Peerlen Single Dose Disposable DPI

October 19, 2016

The Aedestra CPhI Award 2016 for the most exiting inhaled drug delivery device seen in the last month goes to: the Peerlen Single Dose Disposable DPI.

This conversation never gets old.
Them: We'd like to get your views on our inhaled products ideas.
Me: Cool. What kind of budget did you have?
Them: We want to partner.
Me: Sweet.

Ah! CPhI. Hate it or love it, but it always leaves something to remember if only because of the blisters you will get for walking so far and for so long. Hunting for novelties and new ideas is the purpose of the event, and CPhI gives ample satisfaction.

The one innovation that attracted my attention was the single use disposable inhaler from Peerlen Packaging (CH).

Single use disposable inhaler have long been my favourites, and I have voiced that opinion on a number of occasions: “Elegant simplicity – single-dose disposable inhalers”, and the presentation at CPhI Madrid 8 Oct 2012 on “the future of inhalation drug delivery: single dose disposable inhalers”.

This Peerlen device is a heat sealed and very nifty single dose disposable DPI; still at the prototype stage but looking good. Not quite the 2 pieces design of Trivair, but a neat design. It is made of flexible plastics. Can it work? Would someone from Peerlen like to comment? I quote from their very brief literature: “It is made on one blister machine. It is a single use disposable inhaler, with 4 steps: Unwrap, Activate, Inhale, Dispose”.

How ready is the market for disposable single use inhalers?

For their part, CPhI decided to award the prize for Excellence in Pharma: Drug Delivery Devices to the 3M™ Intelligent Control Inhaler: “The new future for addressing patient adherence and competence in Asthma and COPD patients”. See also 3M press release dated 19 April 2016: “3M Unveils Intelligent Inhaler Designed to Help Control Spiraling Costs of Respiratory Disease”.

Improving patient compliance is certainly needed. I have argued before in a recent blog and article that education and simplification of inhaler device choices would be better than introducing new technologies, but let not that deter others to create wonderful inventions.

Love you all. Will be back soon.


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