Welcome to Aedestra Ltd.
Aedestra is a product development company in the field of orally inhaled drug product (OINDP); put simply: we develop nebules, nasal, pMDI, DPI and softmist finished dosage forms for clients around the world. Aedestra makes developing inhaled products easy, so you can focus on delivery.

Developing inhaled dosage forms is difficult, but does not need to be. Aedestra helps clients focus on the essentials of inhaled product development, demystifies the development process, alerts of potential pitfalls, and anticipates solutions. Formulating inhaled products may not need be complicated: we simplify it for you.

Our specialist expertise lies in assisting clients creating inhaled finished dosage forms, be it brand or generic. We work with our clients to drive initiatives, realise opportunities, improve the effectiveness of product development. Drawing on the experience of its founder (Dr Philippe Rogueda) and a network of established experts in the field on global projects, teams and initiatives resulting in successful commercial product launches for international blue chip companies, Aedestra provides support and advice to help clients deliver their portfolio ambitions.

Our unparalleled network of suppliers in Europe, USA, China and India complements our core expertise in product development. It enables us to access the best tools and expertise to meet our clients’ requirements for their target market. We do not impose our solutions; we work with you to meet your needs. We know where the best suppliers are, and we will work with them to deliver your products.

Our open source business model enables excellence from planning to execution, to lead or support activities, integrating with internal client teams and external partners to lead to successful product launches in a number of regions across the globe: from EU to US, China to Australia.

Be in touch with us to discuss the development, expansion or troubleshooting of your inhaled product portfolio, contact us here to send us your request. 

Typical areas include:
  • Strategic planning, P&L analysis to define target portfolio
  • Due diligence of technologies or providers to support strategic investment decisions, and in/out licensing opportunities
  • Advising on product development process
  • Innovation management, new product creation: formulation and device
  • Resolution of problems occurring during development or on marketed product: formulation, API selection, device-formulation interactions
  • Planning of clinical studies for bio-equivalence success
  • Filing of dossier and regulatory authorities discussions
  • Scouting talent to set up new inhalation facility
See here for examples our work.